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Outline review
It is important to appreciate that the IBC system can be applied to any type or size of organization. In all cases a high return on investment (rarely less than 25% per annum) is assured.
The amount of IBC Consultant intervention will depend upon the degree of Skill and Staff time available within the organization
What do you want to do?
Gain control of Costs and Productivity
Improve your Business Processes or intoduce comprehensive or partial Re-Engineering
Improve Serviceand lower the cost of Banking Halls and Call Centres etc where queuing occurs
Use the Macro software to evaluate your existing level of Productivity and reduce Staff Utilization losses which are identified by the Macro software
Use the Micro software to provide detailed Task descriptions for up to 9 alternative Methods or System design changes for the evaluation of Cost effectiveness, The beauty of this procedure is that we do not need to change anyhing physically until Cost benefit are eveluated and investment decisions are made.
Use the Ancillary software to develop Simulations which derive Optimum solutions for the critical balance between the number (and cost) of Staff and the Service level provided to Customers
In small organizations it is often un-economic to use Micro or Ancillary software
Here we collaborate with Line Managers and Operating Staff to minimize utilization losses. The application can be complete within 5 days and IBC Intervention 1 to 5 days in each Work Unit (Cost Centre) .
The Macro Report is then available for Day to Day use by First line Managers
Here we collaborate with IT Staff, Line Managers and Operating Staff to complete the Micro Analyses . The application can be complete within 1 to 3 weeks and IBC Intervention 5 to 10 days in each Work Unit (Cost Centre) .
The Micro Analyses provide detailed Task descriptions for use in Training Centres and Costing departments etc.
The Simulation software is driven by the appropriate Micro Analyses.
Macro Analysis
Micro Analysis
Ancillary Programs
The Macro program includes a simplified Re-Engineering facility