Training Centre Value Analysis
Our Value Analysis provides objective measurement of Effectiveness and thereby achieves real benefits.
All too often organizations install Training facilities in order to qualify for Training Levy remission and Taining Effectiveness is evaluated subjectively......
We believe that Task Training in normal working conditions is the best form of Training
Task Training
In addition to the Value Analysis shown above it is sometimes advisable to allocate Training Staff to work as Stand-by operating staff during periods of excessive absenteeism
A team of Training Centre Staff are made available to each Work Unit (Cost Centre) in turn (say 6 in eg below) . The object is to provide Task Training in the workplace to Operating Staff who need further Training.
Clearly costs will rise in the Short term but as the Training becomes effective the Training Staff are reduced to a minimum (or residue) as conditions dictate
As Training Staff are released from any Work Unit (Cost Centre) they move to the next Work Unit requiring attention
For more detailed information about the use of Stand-by staff in Value Analysis click:
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