Ancillary Programs
Tools to develop enhanced solutions beyond those which are possible with Micro Analysis alone
Simulation of Queuing Situations
Banking Halls
Call Centres
Public Services of all kinds
Restauration Gourmet to Self Service
Loading and Unloading Vehicles of all types and Sizes
Line Balancing for Conveyor work in Assembly Plants
Super Market various Check-Out
Line Balancing for Conveyor work in Sewing Factories
Value Analysis of Training Centre Effectiveness
Staff Training
Diagnosis of Management Effectiveness
On Line Electronic Staff Training
Video Training for Manual work
Average time spent Managing is below 20%
Reduces Instructor and Training Cost by as much as 50%
Training Video is co-ordinated with Improved Method of working
All Simulation programs are linked to Macro or Micro Analyses sources of information and present Results in such a form as to facilitate Opimization of Staff Cost & Service levels
All Mangement and Staff Training programs utilize improved Methods to provide Training at reduced Cost compared with traditional systems
  Value Analysis
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Technical Affairs
run minute videos
(Typical Simulation)
(Line Balancing for Lines without Conveyor is covered in Micro Analysis for Sewing)