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Micro Analysis
Tools for Professional O&M Staff, Production Engineers & Consultants in Larger Organizations
Clerical and Administratve work Etc.
Micro Analyses all types of Administrative work using Normal or High Tech methods.Professional work & Sales activities:
All Micro Analysis programs include the Macro Report, TQM Iso9000 Quality control, Estimating, Costing, Re-Engineering, Training Value Analysis & Flowcharting
In all cases the appropriateStandards provided are for Best Known World's best practice thus providing Benchmark Targets and the basis of sound Staff Training
Analysis of all types of Material Handling, Wrapping and Packing for any Industry such as Distribution, Warehousing , Stores and Super Markets
Material Handling Wrapping, Packing & Tranportation
Hospital Nursing Services, Pharmacutical & Medicins
Analyses the work of Nursing Services including their Ancillary activities, includes Portoring and appropriate Material Handling activities. Vital for determining Staffing and Care levels
Maintenance and Installation of Plant and Vehicles
Provides Method and Standards for Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument Trades maintaining and Installing Refinining or Manufacturing Plant and Vehicles. Integrates with Schedules & Planned Maintenance systems
Assembly of Electo/Mechanical Products of all kinds
Assembly and associated Material Handling of Motor Cars and Vehicles also for Electro/Mechanical Products (not including work under microscopes). Essential for Conveyor line Balancing and Method improvement studies
These Standards were developed in Itally over a six year period to identify or develop Best Sewing practices, Attachments and Machinery.
Sewing work for all Products, Materials & Batch sizes
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Modules common to all Micro Programs
run minute videos
Application of Micro Analysis in various industries
Macro Analysis