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The IBC Macro Analysis Report is a spread sheet type form which facilitates Control and Monitoring features within a Work Unit (Cost Centre)
In Large Organizations the Macro Report is used to provide Control information and also to facilitate the separation into Pareto volume Groups the A category needing Micro Analysis the B category high accuracy Estimates and C requiring simple estimating. Application within 5 days in normal conditions
Macro Analysis Report
A Staff Database is linked to the Macro Report which enables the program to calculate: 1 the Productivity level 2 Cost of each Task 3 Quality level being achieved 4 and many other features during a chosen period (normally 1 month). This vital information can be Rolled-Up to all echelon levels from 1st Line Managers to Chairman
For Small organizations only the Macro Report is required to gain control of Productivity and Costs with little if any running costs. The Macro program can be supplied separately at low cost. Application can be made within 1 to 3 days according to the availability of information such as Task volumes etc.
Medium organizations require the MacroReport with added facilities for Estimating these Estimating facilities raise the level of accuracy for Estimating Task times which are necessary due to the higher volumes of Production or Services. Application can be made within 2 to 5 days depending upon information available
Small Organizations
Medium Organizations
Large Organizations
An essential tool for 1st Line Managers
Macro Report Facilities
The full range of facilites are included in all Macro programs
run minute videos
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Staff Database
Flow Charts
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Application varies for different sizes of organizations
Management information is Rolled-Up to all levels
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Micro Analysis