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The IBC range of Software provides the means of evaluating an organizations Productivity compared with World's Best Known standards and facilitates Process improvement and Re-Engineering to achieve spectacular Cost reductions and improve Quality and Service levels.
Welcome to Productivity Improvement
Our mission is to provide control systems for all sizes and types of Organizations, all over the world, making them more Cost Effective by Raising Productivity and Lowering Cost as well as Improving Quality & Service levels to their Customers
    IBC products cover Administrative and Professional work & many types of Manual work such as Maintenance, Assembly, Material Handling, Sewing, etc. These Analytical programs are backed by Ancillary programs such as Simulation for Queuing, Staff On-line Training and Video based Training for Manual operations.
    The IBC products are unique in that they provide Benchmark type standards which are related to World's Best Known practices. Using these standards we can: Improve the Quality and Service levels & Increase Productivity and thereby lower cost by the order of a minimum of 15%.
AllClear Flowcharter is fast and effective way of mapping and visualizing processes which enables graphical representation of complex processes, visibility of bottlenecks and most importantly, shows the 'big picture'
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The AllClear Flowcharter facilitates the use of the IBC Re-Engineering modules.